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Winning Pageant
Headshots & Portfolios


Do You Have
Underperforming Images?

Most people do and don't realize it! 

Do you have pageant images suitable for the pageant system you are competing in?  Great images for one pageant can be completely wrong for another pageant.
Are you confident in the photos you submit?  Do the images have a proven track record of winning performance? Are they giving judges the right first impression?  Do they make you stand out from the other competitors?
Most people don't understand how fundamentally important their images are.  They are the foundation to pageant performance excellence because they influence all aspects of pageant performance, not just the photo competitions. Don't shoot yourself in the foot, have a rock solid foundation.

You can be confident with your Photographs

Highly Competitive Headshots
Let us help you succeed in pageants by providing you with competitive headshots and portfolios.
Great Fun Experience
We provide a first-class fun experience so you will relax and enjoy your time with us.
Photos You Can Be Proud To Submit
Your photos will be outstanding and help your pageant performance.   People will know you are a serious competitor with the photos you submit.

When You Win, We Win!

We know that pageants are competitive and hard.  That is why we work so hard to produce the utmost quality in pageant headshots and portfolios for all our clients.  You will be confident in the images you submit so you can concentrate on the other aspects of pageantry.   We celebrate each of our clients victories as if they were our win...   because when they win, we win.  
Our clients succeed with our images.  We are a team of highly skilled pageant artists with a proven track record of winning.   
We are consistently recognized as one of the top pageant photography studios and receive awards from both photography and pageant recognition events.
We are a high-demand full-time studio dedicated to Pageant photography for serious competitors. We only do pageant photography and are super focused on producing stunning pageant images.

Pageant Session Portfolio

When booking, ask how you can be feature here. 

Our Super Smooth Process

We will take good care of you.

Book a Session
Call the studio (502) 867-5799 with your calendar and credit card ready so we can book your session.  We are usually booked out many months in advance so book early and well before your next competition.
Show Up For Your Photo Shoot
We will send you a session planning guide that gives you all the information you need to show up and be ready for your appointment.  Hair and Makeup is done onsite before your session by one of our world class pageant makeup artists.   Afterwards, you will have the most fun photo shoot you have ever had.
Choose your Images
Once your session is completed, you will immediately view and select your images on the same day!   This is super convenient in that you only need to visit us once and we can get your images to you sooner... usually within a week.


Kacie Wilson
Miss U.S.

Cook Studio is the ONLY place you'll find me updating my portfolio or headshots for pageants.
Kristyn Lawrence
Ms. Kentucky Festivals
Grand Supreme

They are the most professionally fun people you will ever encounter. They help you feel confident and truly like a Queen.
Tracy Coleman
Mother of Lisabeth Elks
National American
Miss Kentucky Junior Teen

Best experience ever! Professional, accepting, humble, and honest.

Let us help you succeed

Most pageant contestants want to be competitive and win.  These are the serious competitors.  The problem is that winning is hard and it requires excellence in all aspects of pageantry. Many think they have competitive images, but do not, which causes them to not achieve their highest potential. 

At Cook Studio, we are driven to help pageant contestants succeed by providing highly competitive headshots that have a proven winning track record.  To work with us, simply call us at (502) 867-5799 and make an appointment, come to your session, and you will have highly competitive headshots for your next pageant. Call us today.   If you do, you will have pageant images that you can be proud of and confident in. Don't let poor quality headshot and portfolio images lower your pageant performance.  We want you to win!   Schedule an appointment today.

What does this cost?

Pageant photo sessions start at $495.
Pageant ultra sessions start at $995.
(hair and makeup charges extra)

For detailed session descriptions and pricing please enter your name and email and we will immediately send our pageant pricing via email.
Photo Session and Digital Image Pricing Details
Hair, Makeup, and additional service details and pricing
Detailed information about sessions and answers to frequently asked questions.

We value your privacy and will not share your information with anyone.
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